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Panache Cari Spacer – Nude


Cari Spacer is the perfect T-shirt bra with an added element of luxury, the gallon lace adds a pretty design to an everyday essential bra. Crafted with premium Spacer fabric to give a lightweight feel and breathe-ability for your skin.

Spacer Bras are a lightweight alternative to your usual padded bras. The difference lies within the fabric – it’s all about the Spacer Fabric. It’s created very differently to regular foam as the purpose is for it to be light and breathable. Spacer Fabric is a 3D knitted fabric (constructed of 2 layers of thin fabric, joined together with a spacer yarn), designed to create air flow and light padding.

The Cari Spacer T-shirt bra is one of our best selling bras.  We would highly recommend this as a go to bra.  Firm support with light spacer fabric cups.p


30 D, 30 DD, 30 E, 30 F, 30 FF, 30 G, 30 GG, 30H, 32 D, 32 DD, 32 E, 32 F, 32 FF, 32 G, 32 GG, 32 H, 34 D, 34 DD, 34 E, 34 F, 34 FF, 34 G, 34 GG, 34 H, 34F, 36 D, 36 DD, 36 E, 36 F, 36 FF, 36 G, 36 GG, 36 H, 36DD, 38 D, 38 DD, 38 E, 38 F, 38 FF, 38 G, 38 GG, 38 H


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