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Whatever your shape, size or mood, we’ve made finding your perfect fit easy with our expert advice, top tips and style guides.


Am I wearing the correct size?

When it comes to feeling good in your lingerie, there’s nothing more important than finding a bra that fits perfectly. To help you feel your best, we reveal the most common fit problems and insider tips.

Fitting Advice

There’s nothing like the feeling of a bra that fits just right. With a shape that brings out the best in your figure, plus support that fills you with confidence and comfort.

Below are just a few helpful tips for you to ensure you enjoy the perfect fit;

Regular Fittings

The best way to find a bra that always complements your curves is to get fitted regularly – at least every six months.

Check your straps

A good bra has a comfortable strap. If they dig in to your shoulders, they’re too tight.

Avoid a double bust

If your cup size is too small, your breasts can pop over the top, creating a double bust effect. A good-fitting bra avoids puckering and overspill.

Say no to drooping

If the unsupported part of your breast droops forward, your cup or band size may be too big. A good fit gives you the best shape.

Is your underband oversized?

If your band’s not level and rides up at the back, it’s probably too big. A good fitting band is level and snug around your body.

Keep your underwire close

Your underwire should be flat against your chest. If it’s sitting away from your body, your cup size may be too small.

No digging

Your breasts should be fully contained in your cup. If the size is too small, you could feel the underwire digging in to your body.

New style, new size?

Strange but true: Whenever you choose a different bra style, you may need it in a different size. When you’re switching from a plunge to a balcony, for example, you might find that the next size up fits better. So make sure you experiment with size every time you buy a new bra.