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To Bounce or Not to Bounce? That is the question

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We can’t express strongly enough the importance of wearing a correctly fitted Sports Bra.

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f you own a pair of runners you must own a sports bra nothing will substitute this not even two bras worn together as we have heard of some women doing.

Levels of control

Different levels of physical exercise require different levels of support to control breast movement.  For example a smaller busted lady (AA-C cupsize) doing yoga or walking could use a lower level of support in a sports bra, however a lady with  a larger bust (D +) doing the same exercises will always require a higher level  bra for maximum control.

Damage Control

Not wearing a correctly fitted sports bra during exercise not only causes discomfort and limited movement, but the most important factor is: with so much movement in the breast whilst exercising the breast tissue will stretch whilst you are toning up resulting in pendulous or drooping breasts.

Choosing the right sports bra for you.

There are wired or non wired sports bras, the non wired bras in a higher level act very much as a compression bra keeping the breast compressed against the body, wired sports bras although still giving the required amount of support do tend to give more shape rounding the breast rather than flattening as in a non wired, Some bras have the facility to be racer back although this is great for running or walking it may not be the most comfortable for floor exercises.  Our advice is let your fitter know what you need from a sports bra and they will put you in the right direction.

Now! if you still feel having read this blog that you are still not convinced about the importance of a sports bra well why not check out shockabsorbers bounce-o-meter

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