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The Garter – Something Old, Something New

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Every Bride needs their day to be perfect! They have the fairy-tale dress, gorgeous hair and flawless make-up as well as classy lingerieunderneath. But what brides appreciate most is tradition. Most women dream of the big, traditional wedding which includes taking the big step into their beautiful, delicate garter, symbolizing the giant step of marriage. But why do we wear garters? Could it be your something old and something new?

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Something Old

The tradition of the garter begins during the dark ages, and for brides back then, it was dark times. The Wedding guests would accompany the newlyweds up to their bedroom and they would carry out the ritual horribly named: “Fingering & Stocking” and yes it does mean something as inappropriate as it implies. Basically, the brides stockings were examined for signs of consummation. This quickly evolved, but not to the brides advantage. The poor bride would get tackled while her beautiful garments got ripped and torn as it was good luck to bring home a bit of the brides clothing. The person to get a hold of her garter was believed to be the “lucky” person to be married next (didn’t sound lucky back then for the bride). So, whether you toss it, flaunt it or get tackled for it remember, stepping into your garter is like taking a step back in time.

Something New

Thank God, the above rituals died, but of course new ones were born and kept. Today the garter is still a significant part of the brides attire and a humorous and exciting part of the reception. A common event at weddings is when the bride sits on a chair at the center while the groom crawls over to his new wife to attempt taking off her garter with his teeth. Not all newlyweds are adventurous enough to do this in a room packed with their relatives but it still plays an important role afterwards.

This curious piece of fabric brides wear around their thighs might seem useless, but it is very significant and important for women who desire their traditional dream wedding. So whether it’s your something Old or something New nowadays brides use it as their something Blue.

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