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Don’t Waist Time – You Are What You Wear

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The definition of Beauty and Perfect Body Shape is constantly changing and evolving throughout the decades and centuries. We’re going to take you back in time through the past 100 years to look at what was considered the idealway back when. You will be well educated in what to wear and how to achieve your ideal shape.

1910s – The Gibson Girl

This decade craved luscious curves and the famous tiny waists achieved by the murdering corsets.

gibson girl

1920s – The Flapper Girl

This generation of beauties are famous for their flat chests, petite figures and waists as straight as rulers.


1930s – The Sex Siren

This decade brought back curves and said “Bye-bye” to the flapper girls of the last generation. But they introduced a more natural and softer curve with the smaller bust.

sex siren

1940s – Military Ladies

Fashion took a strong and powerful turn for the ladies, with “bullet” bras and broad shoulders mirroring the masculine dominance of the warfare era.


1950s – Hourglass

“Bigger is better” was the motto of this generation as weight gain tablets sold out in the shops. Luscious curves were back in again with enhancing bras and booty padding hitting the shelves.

hour glass

1960s – The Twigs

The swinging sixties took a major turn for the women of this decade as the opposite of the last generation was encouraged. Weight gain tablets were replaced with weight loss tablets and the skinny and petite look was back.


1970s – Disco Diva

This was the era for the party girl and flower power where women were preferred slim-waisted, flat stomached and tall. The broad shoulders were back in with shoulder pads placed back on the market.


1980s – The Supermodel 

The poor women of this generation had to compare with the perfect bodies of the supermodels. It was mainly the luck of the genetics draw to be blessed with the desired long legs, skinny waist and big bust.


1990s – Heroin Chic

This generation craved the gaunt malnourished look of the catwalk. Kate Moss was the leader of this look and brought in the “skin and bone” craze that effected many teens. feminine was out, grunge was in.

heroin chic

2000s – The Tone

The noughties took a more healthier approach to the 90’s scrawny look. They achieved the skinny frame and flat stomach with toned muscle. This was introduced by the pop stars such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

© Dalle APRF/CONTRAST  --  Christina AGUILERA 2000/11/15 Photographe : Roce

2010s – Bootylicious 

We are currently in the decade where its “all about the bass”. We brought back the big booty and healthy curves. We all crave to achieve the hourglass look of the Kardashian sisters and are passionate about encouraging a more natural and achievable body-shape in comparison to our previous decades.


We all come in different shapes and sizes. Whether yours is hourglass, pear, ruler or petite keep in mind the constant change in the definition of perfection; your shape could be the next look of the decade. Remember, your body is a thing of beauty; love it, nurture it and always show it off at its best.

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