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“Little black dress needs La Lingerie Noire”


With the Christmas party season quick approaching many ladies will be heading for the old reliable the little black dress, stylish, classy, comfortable and most important you look fab in it.

Whether its plunged, square neck, cowl or even strapless one thing that is certain to enhance your shape it will need the correct bra.  Chantelle lingerie a high quality French brand have launched this season “La Lingerie Noire” and are pointing out how different shaped bras do different things for the female form.   So if you’re thinking of pulling out that little cocktail number that’s been sitting hiding away since last year or better still a shopping expedition is long overdue here are few tips on the bra shape that might suite your ensamble.

Half cup balcony essential for a square neck because it pushes the breast upwards creating a fuller separated cleavage and quite a sexy look

Plunge bra ideal for a plunging wrap dress, your plunge bra will be more useful to your wardrobe needs if it’s seamless although it’s quite a boring looking bra it is an absolute must have.

Full-cup for ladies who prefer to be more covered in a bra thank-fully these come in both a seamless look which we might add can give a minimised look not in our opinion the best shape for a dress more of an everyday look. The lacier fuller cups however tend now to have a side panel effect which can give a very tidy look especially to a lady with a fuller bust and gives the opposite effect to a minimiser instead of pushing the breast under the arm it projects the breast more to the front therefore making a lady look less broared.  In our opinion this can often be the preference of a lot of ladies.

Strapless these bras should always be moulded because we have never seen a non-moulded strapless give as good a shape and we don’t care who is making them, if you want to put a strapless on and not have to touch it, make sure its moulded, if though you don’t mind tugging your strapless bra up all night go for it non-moulded! don’t say we didn’t warn you!

There many more different shapes and styles however in today’s blog we are concentrating on the brands that Chantelle make and make well.