The Smart Bra

At last ladies the answer to all mine and your prayers and where was it…right under your chin!

For years I have paid out for every new diet that has come on the market, Shakes, Tablets, weekly weigh-ins, no carbs, cabbage diet, egg and orange diet.  You name it I’ve tried it, Then in late 2013 I discovered Fit to go boot camp where I pay to be bossed around in the wind and the rain and told that it is all for my own good.  I know it sounds like torture, but honestly when the hour is over I do actually feel quite proud of myself, I’m not losing any weight, but like I said I feel good, and here I am doing all this to myself when all I have to do is purchase the all new Smart Bra!

The bra has been designed to prevent the emotions that trigger over eating, It was developed for women at the university of Southampton in the UK .  The bra has removable sensors that can detect through the skin and heart when a women is about to reach for food.

The information is then sent to an app on the wearers phone, the app will then give out advice such as calm breathing techniques.  MC Schraefel, professor of Electronics and Computer Science who has helped in the development of the bra has commented “Emotional state, habitual practices, like snacking in front of the TV or grabbing a cookie when stressed, often go undetected by us – that’s the nature of habits – but they have real effects on our wellbeing.”

“Our work in this project, while early, shows that there is potential to design interactive technologies to work with us, to help us develop both awareness of our state, and offer options we’ve decided we’d rather take, to build new practices and support our wellbeing,”

Seriously without wanting to sound sexist wouldn’t you know a man designed this in my opinion unless this bra gives me an electric shock every time I reach for food you can keep your breathing exercises when I feel peckish an electric shock  is about the only thing that might remind me not to do it.

But if like me you are just a little cynical then maybe like me a sports bra might be money a little better spent and a C25k app which is free.



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