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Mastectomy Poster

Inspiring Confidence and Femininity after Mastectomy Surgery

Everything you need to no about Mastectomy fittings

The aim of MarieSue Lingerie is to inspire confidence and femininity after surgery. We can appreciate that not everyone would be able to call to the shop for a mastectomy bra and prosthesis fitting, however we would always recommend that you do get professionally fitted for such an important item as a prosthesis, Whether you are partial, full or bi-lateral we offer a high level of experience and confidence in our fitting service. It is important that you take the time out for yourself to get fitted as it will help to restore comfort and confidence after breast surgery. The softness and movement of our silicone prosthesis resembles that of a natural breast form and quickly assumes body temperature.

Our mastectomy bras have a higher-cut stretch neckline and a wide, softly elastic under-bust band which holds the prosthesis firmly in place. If desired we can facilitate the pocketing of garments. We will be able to advise you on your medical insurance or medical card entitlements as we are registered and approved with the H.S.E. All that we require is a prescription and/or letter from your GP stating your needs. Both the Carlow and Newbridge stores facilitate mastectomy fittings.

So don’t delay pop in and get professionally fitted you won’t regret it.

For more information visit the Irish Cancer Society website

Don’t Waist Time – You Are What You Wear

The definition of Beauty and Perfect Body Shape is constantly changing and evolving throughout the decades and centuries. We’re going to take you back in time through the past 100 years to look at what was considered the ideal way back when. You will be well educated in what to wear and how to achieve your ideal shape.


1910s – The Gibson Girl

This decade craved luscious curves and the famous tiny waists achieved by the murdering corsets.

gibson girl

1920s – The Flapper Girl

This generation of beauties are famous for their flat chests, petite figures and waists as straight as rulers.


1930s – The Sex Siren

This decade brought back curves and said “Bye-bye” to the flapper girls of the last generation. But they introduced a more natural and softer curve with the smaller bust.

sex siren

1940s – Military Ladies

Fashion took a strong and powerful turn for the ladies, with “bullet” bras and broad shoulders mirroring the masculine dominance of the warfare era.


1950s – Hourglass

“Bigger is better” was the motto of this generation as weight gain tablets sold out in the shops. Luscious curves were back in again with enhancing bras and booty padding hitting the shelves.

hour glass

1960s – The Twigs

The swinging sixties took a major turn for the women of this decade as the opposite of the last generation was encouraged. Weight gain tablets were replaced with weight loss tablets and the skinny and petite look was back.


1970s – Disco Diva

This was the era for the party girl and flower power where women were preferred slim-waisted, flat stomached and tall. The broad shoulders were back in with shoulder pads placed back on the market.


1980s – The Supermodel 

The poor women of this generation had to compare with the perfect bodies of the supermodels. It was mainly the luck of the genetics draw to be blessed with the desired long legs, skinny waist and big bust.


1990s – Heroin Chic

This generation craved the gaunt malnourished look of the catwalk. Kate Moss was the leader of this look and brought in the “skin and bone” craze that effected many teens. feminine was out, grunge was in.

heroin chic

2000s – The Tone

The noughties took a more healthier approach to the 90’s scrawny look. They achieved the skinny frame and flat stomach with toned muscle. This was introduced by the pop stars such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

© Dalle APRF/CONTRAST  --  Christina AGUILERA 2000/11/15 Photographe : Roce

2010s – Bootylicious 

We are currently in the decade where its “all about the bass”. We brought back the big booty and healthy curves. We all crave to achieve the hourglass look of the Kardashian sisters and are passionate about encouraging a more natural and achievable body-shape in comparison to our previous decades.


We all come in different shapes and sizes. Whether yours is hourglass, pear, ruler or petite keep in mind the constant change in the definition of perfection; your shape could be the next look of the decade. Remember, your body is a thing of beauty; love it, nurture it and always show it off at its best.

The Garter – Something Old, Something New




Every Bride needs their day to be perfect! They have the fairy-tale dress, gorgeous hair and flawless make-up as well as classy lingerie underneath. But what brides appreciate most is tradition. Most women dream of the big, traditional wedding which includes taking the big step into their beautiful, delicate garter, symbolizing the giant step of marriage. But why do we wear garters? Could it be your something old and something new?


Something Old

The tradition of the garter begins during the dark ages, and for brides back then, it was dark times. The Wedding guests would accompany the newlyweds up to their bedroom and they would carry out the ritual horribly named: “Fingering & Stocking” and yes it does mean something as inappropriate as it implies. Basically, the brides stockings were examined for signs of consummation. This quickly evolved, but not to the brides advantage. The poor bride would get tackled while her beautiful garments got ripped and torn as it was good luck to bring home a bit of the brides clothing. The person to get a hold of her garter was believed to be the “lucky” person to be married next (didn’t sound lucky back then for the bride). So, whether you toss it, flaunt it or get tackled for it remember, stepping into your garter is like taking a step back in time.



Something New

Thank God, the above rituals died, but of course new ones were born and kept. Today the garter is still a significant part of the brides attire and a humorous and exciting part of the reception. A common event at weddings is when the bride sits on a chair at the center while the groom crawls over to his new wife to attempt taking off her garter with his teeth. Not all newlyweds are adventurous enough to do this in a room packed with their relatives but it still plays an important role afterwards.


This curious piece of fabric brides wear around their thighs might seem useless, but it is very significant and important for women who desire their traditional dream wedding. So whether it’s your something Old or something New nowadays brides use it as their something Blue.



To Bounce or Not to Bounce? That is the question

We can’t express strongly enough the importance of wearing a correctly fitted Sports Bra, If you own a pair of runners you must own a sports bra nothing will substitute this not even two bras worn together as we have heard of some women doing.

levels of control

Different levels of physical exercise require different levels of support to control breast movement.  For example a smaller busted lady (AA-C cupsize) doing yoga or walking could use a lower level of support in a sports bra, however a lady with  a larger bust (D +) doing the same exercises will always require a higher level  bra for maximum control.

Damage Control

Not wearing a correctly fitted sports bra during exercise not only causes discomfort and limited movement, but the most important factor is: with so much movement in the breast whilst exercising the breast tissue will stretch whilst you are toning up resulting in pendulous or drooping breasts.

Choosing the right sports bra for you.

There are wired or non wired sports bras, the non wired bras in a higher level act very much as a compression bra keeping the breast compressed against the body, wired sports bras although still giving the required amount of support do tend to give more shape rounding the breast rather than flattening as in a non wired, Some bras have the facility to be racer back although this is great for running or walking it may not be the most comfortable for floor exercises.  Our advice is let your fitter know what you need from a sports bra and they will put you in the right direction.

Now! if you still feel having read this blog that you are still not convinced about the importance of a sports bra well why not check out shockabsorbers bounce-o-meter




The Smart Bra

At last ladies the answer to all mine and your prayers and where was it…right under your chin!

For years I have paid out for every new diet that has come on the market, Shakes, Tablets, weekly weigh-ins, no carbs, cabbage diet, egg and orange diet.  You name it I’ve tried it, Then in late 2013 I discovered Fit to go boot camp where I pay to be bossed around in the wind and the rain and told that it is all for my own good.  I know it sounds like torture, but honestly when the hour is over I do actually feel quite proud of myself, I’m not losing any weight, but like I said I feel good, and here I am doing all this to myself when all I have to do is purchase the all new Smart Bra!

The bra has been designed to prevent the emotions that trigger over eating, It was developed for women at the university of Southampton in the UK .  The bra has removable sensors that can detect through the skin and heart when a women is about to reach for food.

The information is then sent to an app on the wearers phone, the app will then give out advice such as calm breathing techniques.  MC Schraefel, professor of Electronics and Computer Science who has helped in the development of the bra has commented “Emotional state, habitual practices, like snacking in front of the TV or grabbing a cookie when stressed, often go undetected by us – that’s the nature of habits – but they have real effects on our wellbeing.”

“Our work in this project, while early, shows that there is potential to design interactive technologies to work with us, to help us develop both awareness of our state, and offer options we’ve decided we’d rather take, to build new practices and support our wellbeing,”

Seriously without wanting to sound sexist wouldn’t you know a man designed this in my opinion unless this bra gives me an electric shock every time I reach for food you can keep your breathing exercises when I feel peckish an electric shock  is about the only thing that might remind me not to do it.

But if like me you are just a little cynical then maybe like me a sports bra might be money a little better spent and a C25k app which is free.




Coppafeel #brahijack

Lepel  lingerie brand have signed up to support CoppaFeel!’s #BraHijack campaign. Lepel will introduce a sew-in label carrying a breast-checking reminder, along with an educational swing ticket, into all its Autumn Winter 2014 ranges,

#BraHijack is an ongoing campaign to educate people on the importance of checking their breasts regularly and knowing the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and so this little brain child of two sisters in the UK was born.  A reminder to breast check tag will be sewn beside the brands label on bras ingenious!

Curvy Kate was the first to get on board and they will be introducing it for spring/summer ’14.  We think this is a fab idea because we all look at clothing labels especially bra labels, you are not only looking for a back size you are looking for the correct cup size so if anything a women must study that label for just a little longer

We say to the Hallenga sisters well done you, if hijacking all bras will make women more aware of their own breasts you have our support.coppafeel


Kardashians sell their bras for €4500

The Kardashians sisters had a yard sale last Monday selling off some of their Bras raising $6000 and the money goes to their charity in No Kid Hungry Foundation and the Greater LA Fisher House, which provides housing for families of wounded soldiers,  The girls also did a good deed and matched the funds raised

Kim Kardashian is an owner of Freya Deco which was aired in the show last week when her sisters were making a mock of her larger bust while breastfeeding.  We agree that Deco will work at holding up a larger bust it is available in Nude, Ivory and Black, but if you are breastfeeding and need a strapless the most important thing you need to remember is make sure you are wearing the right size wire,  This is important as mastitis can be a problem for women who are nursing and wearing the wrong size wire remember what fitted you before you got pregnant may not be suitable now.


“Little black dress needs La Lingerie Noire”


With the Christmas party season quick approaching many ladies will be heading for the old reliable the little black dress, stylish, classy, comfortable and most important you look fab in it.

Whether its plunged, square neck, cowl or even strapless one thing that is certain to enhance your shape it will need the correct bra.  Chantelle lingerie a high quality French brand have launched this season “La Lingerie Noire” and are pointing out how different shaped bras do different things for the female form.   So if you’re thinking of pulling out that little cocktail number that’s been sitting hiding away since last year or better still a shopping expedition is long overdue here are few tips on the bra shape that might suite your ensamble.

Half cup balcony essential for a square neck because it pushes the breast upwards creating a fuller separated cleavage and quite a sexy look

Plunge bra ideal for a plunging wrap dress, your plunge bra will be more useful to your wardrobe needs if it’s seamless although it’s quite a boring looking bra it is an absolute must have.

Full-cup for ladies who prefer to be more covered in a bra thank-fully these come in both a seamless look which we might add can give a minimised look not in our opinion the best shape for a dress more of an everyday look. The lacier fuller cups however tend now to have a side panel effect which can give a very tidy look especially to a lady with a fuller bust and gives the opposite effect to a minimiser instead of pushing the breast under the arm it projects the breast more to the front therefore making a lady look less broared.  In our opinion this can often be the preference of a lot of ladies.

Strapless these bras should always be moulded because we have never seen a non-moulded strapless give as good a shape and we don’t care who is making them, if you want to put a strapless on and not have to touch it, make sure its moulded, if though you don’t mind tugging your strapless bra up all night go for it non-moulded! don’t say we didn’t warn you!

There many more different shapes and styles however in today’s blog we are concentrating on the brands that Chantelle make and make well.